The Chapman Library has a stock of about 4500 different fiction titles and over 7000 non-fiction books.  This provides a huge choice for everyone in KS3 and 4 to find something they enjoy or that provides the information you need.  Lots of the fiction books have Accelerated Reading quizzes. We love to get your suggestions for new books so please let us know if there is something we haven't got yet!  There is also a selection of reference books including specialist encyclopedias and popular titles such as The Guinness Book of Records and Ripley's Believe it or not.

The Carliol Library holds a good selection of over 1000 adult and young adult fiction titles including contemporary and classic books.  We also have a selected collection of  over 4000 non-fiction books and reference material for KS5 study.

New books recently added to our collections:
  • May 2015 
Chapman Library

The adventures of Super Diaper Baby Pilkey, Dav
Aenir Nix, Garth
Awful Egyptians Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin
Battle lines McNab, Andy, Jordan, Kym
A big problem McCloud, Scott, Burchett, Rick, Austin, Terry
Boy soldier McNab, Andy, Rigby, Robert
The boy who swam with piranhas Almond, David, Jeffers, Oliver
Bravo two zero McNab, Andy
Computer coding for kids : a unique step-by-step visual guide, from binary code to building games Vorderman, Carol
The danger game Brooks, Kevin
Diary of Dennis the Menace : Bash street bandit Butler, Steven
The Diary of Dennis the Menace : Beanotown Battle Butler, Steven
Discount diva Hopkins, Cathy
Drop Zone McNab, Andy
Eagle strike : the graphic novel Horowitz, Anthony
The exterminators Gregory, Ian, Salisbury, Martin
The eye of minds Dashner, James
Fangirl Rowell, Rainbow
Fizzypop! Ure, Jean
George's secret key to the universe Hawking, Lucy, Hawking, Stephen, Galfard, Christophe, Parsons, Garry
Gerry Anderson's Gemini Force 1: Black Horizon Harris, M. G.
The ghost of Grania O'Malley Morpurgo, Michael
Gorgeous Georgians Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin
Groovy Greeks Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin
Hercufleas Gayton, Sam
The ice cream con Docherty, James
Lionboy : the chase Corder, Zizou
Looking glass girl Cassidy, Cathy
Love and kisses Ure, Jean
Meltdown McNab, Andy, Rigby, Robert
Messenger of fear Grant, Michael
Midnight Wilson, Jacqueline, Sharratt, Nick
A monster calls Ness, Patrick, Kay, Jim
The new recruit McNab, Andy
Percy Jackson and the lightning thief : the graphic novel Riordan, Rick
Pig and the baldy cat Catchpole, Barbara, Metaphrog
PIG and the fancy pants Catchpole, Barbara
Pig and the long fart Catchpole, Barbara, Metaphrog
Point Blanc Johnston, Antony, Damerum, Kanako, Takasaki, Yuzuru, Horowitz, Anthony
The ruthless Romans Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin
The sea of monsters : the graphic novel Riordan, Rick
Skeleton Key : the graphic novel Horowitz, Anthony, Johnston, Antony, Damerum, Kanako, Takasaki, Yuzuru
The slimy Stuarts Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin
Super Diaper Baby 2 : the invasion of the potty snatchers Pilkey, Dav
The Tail of Emily Windsnap Kessler, Liz
Terrifying Tudors Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin
Truckers Pratchett, Terry
The war of Jenkins' ear Morpurgo, Michael
War torn McNab, Andy, Jordan, Kym
Ways to live forever Nicholls, Sally
Werewolf versus dragon Sinden, David
The White Horse of Zennor and other stories  
Woeful Second World War Deary, Terry, Brown, Martin

Carliol Library

1089 and all that : a journey into mathematics Acheson, D. J
50 photo icons Koetzle, Hans-Michael
Alex through the looking-glass : how numbers reflect life and life reflects numbers Bellos, Alex
Alex's adventures in numberland Bellos, Alex, Riley, Andy
Almost like a whale : The origin of species updated Jones, Steve
Art history : the key concepts Harris, Jonathan
AS/A-level sociology : essential word dictionary Chapman, Steve
Big bang : the most important scientific discovery of all time and why you need to know about it Singh, Simon
Chaos : making a new science Gleick, James
The classical style : Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven Rosen, Charles
The code book : the secret history of codes and code-breaking cryptography Singh, Simon
Darwin's ghost : the origin of species updated Jones, Steve
A devil's chaplain : selected essays by Richard Dawkins Dawkins, Richard, Menon, Latha
Devising theatre : a practical and theoretical handbook Oddey, Alison
The disappearing spoon and other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements Kean, Sam
The diversity of life Wilson, Edward O
Do androids dream of electric sheep? Dick, Philip K
Does God play dice? : the new mathematics of chaos Stewart, Ian
The English language Crystal, David
English language for beginners Lowe, Michelle , Graham, Ben 
The English legal system Martin, Jacqueline
English literature : a very short introduction Bate, Jonathan
Feed Anderson, M T
Fermat's last theorem : the story of a riddle that confounded the world's greatest minds for 358 years Singh, Simon
The great mathematical problems : marvels and mysteries of mathematics Stewart, Ian
A guide to musical analysis Cook, Nicholas
The hidden reality : parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos Greene, B
How bad are bananas? : the carbon footprint of everything Berners-Lee, Mike
How long is a piece of string? : more hidden mathematics of everyday life Eastaway, Robert, Wyndham, Jeremy
How texts work Beard, Adrian
How to build a girl Moran, Caitlin
The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks Skloot, Rebecca
In search of Schrödinger's cat Gribbin, John
It must be beautiful : great equations of modern science Farmelo, Graham
Law : a very short introduction Wacks, Raymond
Life : an unauthorised biography : a natural history of the first four thousand million years of life on earth Fortey, Richard A
Listen to this Ross, Alex
Made in America Bryson, Bill, McCall, Bruce
The making of music : a journey with notes Naughtie, James
Mapping the deep : the extraordinary story of ocean science Kunzig, Robert
Mathematics : a very short introduction Gowers, Timothy
Mendeleyev's dream : the quest for the elements Strathern, Paul
Molecules at an exhibition : portraits of intriguing materials in everyday life Emsley, John
Molecules of murder : criminal molecules and classic cases Emsley, John
Mother tongue : the story of the English language Bryson, Bill
Mozart : a life in letters Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, Eisen, Cliff, Spencer, Stewart
Music : a very short introduction Cook, Nicholas
Musicophilia : tales of music and the brain Sacks, Oliver W
Mutants : on the form, varieties and errors of the human body Leroi, Armand Marie
The periodic kingdom : a journey into the land of the chemical elements Atkins, P. W
Population 10 billion Dorling, Daniel
QED : the strange theory of light and matter Feynman, Richard P
The quantum universe : everything that can happen does happen Cox, Brian, Forshaw, J. R
Reaching down the rabbit hole : extraordinary journeys into the human brain Ropper, Allan H, Burrell, Brian
Rosalind Franklin : the dark lady of DNA Maddox, Brenda
Seventeen equations that changed the world Stewart, Ian
Six easy pieces : essentials of physics explained by its most brilliant teacher Feynman, Richard P, Leighton, Robert B, Sands, Matthew, Davies, P. C. W
The story of English McCrum, Robert, Cran, William, MacNeil, Robert
"Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman!" : adventures of a curious character Feynman, Richard P, Hutchings, Edward
The ten most beautiful experiments Johnson, George
This is your brain on music : understanding a human obsession Levitin, Daniel J
The trouble with markets : saving capitalism from itself Bootle, R. P
Uncle Tungsten : memories of a chemical boyhood Sacks, Oliver W
Why does E=mc² : (and why should we care?) Cox, Brian, Forshaw, J. R
Why evolution is true Coyne, Jerry A
The world in six songs : how the musical brain created human nature Levitin, Daniel J

  • April 2015

Chapman Library
Above the veil Nix, Garth
Apple and Rain Crossan, Sarah
The BFG Dahl, Roald
Boy: Tales of Childhood Dahl, Roald
Brat Princess Hopkins, Cathy
Buffalo soldier Landman, Tanya
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Dahl, Roald
The concise book of muscles Jarmey, Chris
Cuckoo song Hardinge, Frances
Dark satanic mills Sedgwick, Marcus, Sedgwick, Julian, Higgins, John
Escape from Shangri-La Morpurgo, Michael
Esio Trot Dahl, Roald
The fastest boy in the world Laird, Elizabeth, Bailey, Peter
Ferno the fire dragon Blade, Adam
Games people play : the psychology of human relationships Berne, Eric
George's Marvellous Medicine Dahl, Roald
The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me Dahl, Roald
Going Solo Dahl, Roald
Goth Girl and the ghost of a mouse Riddell, Chris
The information : a history, a theory, a flood Gleick, James
Jack : straight from the gut Welch, Jack, Byrne, John A
James and the Giant Peach Dahl, Roald
Langford's starting photography : the guide to great images with digital or film Langford, Michael, Andrews, Philip
Mates, dates & flirting Hopkins, Cathy
Media studies : theories and approaches Laughey, Dan
The middle of nowhere McCaughrean, Geraldine
Mind games : inspirational lessons from the world's finest sports stars Grout, Jeff, Perrin, Sarah
Music and the mind Storr, Anthony
My friend Walter Morpurgo, Michael
No space, no choice, no jobs, no logo Klein, Naomi
Passion flower Ure, Jean, Donnelly, Karen
Poor economics : barefoot hedge-fund managers, DIY doctors and the surprising truth about life on less than $1 a day Duflo, Esther, Banerjee, Abhijit V
The rule of law Bingham, T. H
The school for good and evil Chainani, Soman
Silent spring Carson, Rachel
Skinny Melon and me Ure, Jean
Thinking, fast and slow Kahneman, Daniel
Tinder Gardner, Sally, Roberts, David
The Twits Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin
When Mr Dog bites Conaghan, Brian
Why love matters : how affection shapes a baby's brain Gerhardt, Sue
The Witches Dahl, Roald

Carliol Library

The book lovers' companion : what to read next
The Connell guide to F. Scott Fitzgerald's The great Gatsby Sutherland, John, Connell, Jolyon
The epigenetics revolution : how modern biology is rewriting our understanding of genetics, disease and inheritance Carey, Nessa
Exposure and lighting for digital photographers only Meadhra, Michael, Lowrie, Charlotte K
The genius of photography : how photography has changed our lives Badger, Gerry
Give me ten seconds Sergeant, John
The good study guide Northedge, Andy
It's not rocket science Miller, Ben
Light--science & magic : an introduction to photographic lighting Hunter, Fil, Biver, Steven, Fuqua, Paul
The living planet a portrait of the earth Attenborough, David
Mathematics for the curious Higgins, Peter M
My trade : a short history of British journalism Marr, Andrew
The nature of photographs : a primer Shore, Stephen
News from no man's land : reporting the world Simpson, John
Once & future giants : what Ice Age extinctions tell us about the fate of Earth's largest animals Levy, Sharon
The photograph Clarke, Graham
The photograph as contemporary art Cotton, Charlotte
The photographer's eye Szarkowski, John
The photographer's eye : composition and design for better digital photos Freeman, Michael
Photography : a critical introduction Wells, Liz
Photography: a cultural history Marien, Mary Warner
Quirkology Wiseman, Richard
A royal affair : George III and his troublesome siblings Tillyard, S. K
The study skills handbook Cottrell, Stella
The wall : Rome's greatest frontier Moffat, Alistair
  • March 2015
Chapman Library

The Bed and breakfast star Wilson, Jacqueline
Best mates - six favourite stories Morpurgo, Michael
Bloodboar the burried doom Blade, Adam
Boy trouble Webb, Sarah
Carnivora the winged scavenger Blade, Adam
Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin
Charming! : a Cinderella story Morgan, Michaela, Alder, Charlie
Cirque Du Freak Shan, Darren
Darth Paper strikes back : an Origami Yoda book Angleberger, Tom
Deep water Cotterill, Jo
The diary of Dennis the Menace Butler, Steven
The diary of Dennis the Menace: World Menace Day Butler, Steven
Doctor Proctor's fart powder Nesbø, Jo
Doctor Who: The official annual 2015 Laing, Moray
Dork diaries: how to be a dork Russell, Rachel Renée
Ellik the lightning horror Blade, Adam
Evil star Horowitz, Anthony
Fantastic Mr Fox Dahl, Roald
Fearless Funke, Cornelia
Forget me not Cotterill, Jo
Fullmetal alchemist omnibus 1 Arakawa, Hiromu
Geek girl : Geek Drama Smale, Holly
Going solo Dahl, Roald, Blake, Quentin
Granny Horowitz, Anthony
The great ice-cream heist Caldecott, Elen
Hecton the Body Snatcher Blade, Adam
Hellion the Fiery Foe Blade, Adam
How to betray a dragon's hero Cowell, Cressida
Hunters of the Dusk Shan, Darren
I, Houdini : the autobiography of a self-educated hamster Banks, Lynne Reid, Hellard, Susan
Ice dreams Cotterill, Jo
Killers of the Dawn Shan, Darren
Killing the dead Sedgwick, Marcus
Koraka the winged assassin Blade, Adam
Koron Jaws of Death Blade, Adam
Krestor the crushing terror Blade, Adam
Kronus the Clawed Menace Blade, Adam
The Lake of Souls Shan, Darren
Lionboy Corder, Zizou
Lord of the Shadows Shan, Darren
Madara the midnight warrior Blade, Adam
Magic mates and the battle of the bullies West, Jane
Magic Mates and the jungle drums West, Jane
Match: Annual 2015 Read, Matt
May contain nuts Meres, Jonathan
May produce gas Meres, Jonathan
Midnight alley Caine, Rachel
Minecraft construction handbook Needler, Matthew
Minecraft : redstone handbook Farwell, Nick, Riordan, Jane, Milton, Stephanie, Burlinson, James, Cordner, Theo
Minos, the demon bull Blade, Adam
Model behaviour Cotterill, Jo
My secret diary : dating, dancing, dreams and dilemmas Wilson, Jacqueline, Sharratt, Nick
Nanook the snow monster Blade, Adam
Nineteen eighty-four Orwell, George, Pynchon, Thomas
Ostrich boys Gray, Keith
Out of shadows Wallace, Jason
Paradise Nadin, Joanna
Reckless Funke, Cornelia
Rollercoaster riot!
The secret of the Fortune Wookiee : an Origami Yoda book Angleberger, Tom
Silver, the wild terror Blade, Adam
Six steps to a girl McKenzie, Sophie
Six words and a wish McCombie, Karen
Sons of Destiny Shan, Darren
Spikefin, the water king Blade, Adam
Star crossed Cotterill, Jo
Story of Tracy Beaker  Wilson, Jacqueline
Strictly friends? Cotterill, Jo
Sweetness and lies McCombie, Karen, Secheret, Jessica
Ties that bind, ties that break Namioka, Lensey
Torno the Hurricane Dragon Blade, Adam
Torpix the twisting serpent Blade, Adam
Trampolining Freeman, Sue
Trash Mulligan, Andy
Trials of Death Shan, Darren
Tunnels of Blood Shan, Darren
Ursus the Clawed Roar Blade, Adam
Vampire Diaries: The awakening and The struggle Smith, L J
Vampire Diaries: The Fury and The Reunion Smith, L J
Vampire Mountain Shan, Darren
The Vampire Prince Shan, Darren
The Vampire's Assistant Shan, Darren
Watcher Weatherly, Lee
The white darkness McCaughrean, Geraldine
Why we broke up Handler, Daniel, Kalman, Maira
Wisdom of dead men McGann, Oisín
Wolven Toft, Di
X-Isle Lerangis, Peter

Carliol Library

Animal farm : a fairy story Orwell, George, Davison, Peter Hobley
Basic mathematics for the physical sciences Lambourne, Robert J, Tinker, Michael
Basic pathology : an introduction to the mechanisms of disease Lakhani, Sunil R
Blackout Barr, Emily
Blood & beauty Dunant, Sarah
Built by animals : the natural history of animal architecture Hansell, Michael H
The catcher in the rye Salinger, J. D
The chimp paradox Peters, Steve
A cruel fate Davis, Lindsey
Dead man talking Doyle, Roddy
A dreadful murder Walters, Minette
The Etymologican Forsyth, Mark
Galileo's finger : the ten great ideas of science Atkins, P. W
A game of thrones Martin, George R. R
The goldfinch Tartt, Donna
The great Gatsby Fitzgerald, F Scott
Half my Facebook friends are ferrets Buckle, J. A
Hitler : an illustrated life Cross, Robin
How far is up? : measuring the size of the universe Gribbin, John, Gribbin, Mary
Lies we tell ourselves Talley, Robin
The long song Levy, Andrea
Lost at sea : the Jon Ronson mysteries Ronson, Jon
The man who ate bluebottles : and other great British eccentrics Caufield, Catherine
The men who measured the universe Gribbin, Mary, Gribbin, John
The moaning of life : the worldly wisdom of Karl Pilkington Pilkington, Karl, Claire, Freddie, Smith, Andy
The naked lunch Burroughs, William S
Nineteen eighty-four Orwell, George
One man, two guvnors : a version of Goldoni's the servant of two masters Bean, Richard, Goldoni, Carlo
Out of the dark Geras, Adèle
Paris for one : Moyes Jojo
Pictures or it didn't happen Hannah, Sophie
The psychopath test : a journey through the madness industry Ronson, Jon
Red for revenge Blake, Fanny
The Rosie project Simsion, Graeme C
Science 1001 Parsons, Paul
The sense of an ending Barnes, Julian
The song of Achilles Miller, Madeline
Spell it out : the singular story of English spelling Crystal, David
A street cat named Bob : how one man and a cat saved each other's lives Bowen, James
Ted Hughes: The life of a poet Feinstein, Elaine
A textbook of anatomy and physiology Arnould-Taylor, W. E
Two brothers Elton, Ben
Wool Howey, Hugh
Wrong time, wrong place Kernick, Simon

  • February 2015

Chapman Library

Alone on a wide wide sea
Morpurgo, Michael
The amazing story of Adophus Tips
Morpurgo, Michael
Awful auntie
Walliams, David
Beast Quest : Convol the cold-blooded brute
Blade, Adam
The book of storms
Hatfield, Ruth
Born to run
Morpurgo, Michael
The boy on the porch
Creech, Sharon
Angus, Sam
Counting by 7s
Sloan, Holly Goldberg
Death cure
Dashner, James
Demon dentist
Walliams, David, Ross, Tony
Dork Diaries: Holiday Heartbreak
Russell, Rachel Renée
Dork Diaries: OMG! All about me diary
Russell, Rachel Renée
Dork Diaries:TV star
Russell, Rachel Renée, Russell, Nikki, Russell, Erin
An Elephant in the Garden
Morpurgo, Michael
The Everest Files
Dickinson, Matt
Farm boy
Morpurgo, Michael
Fighting Ruben Wolfe
Zusak, Markus
Gangsta granny
Walliams, David, Ross, Tony
Geek Girl: Picture Perfect
Smale, Holly
Getting the Girl
Zusak, Markus
Girl online
Sugg, Zoe
A greyhound of a girl
Doyle, Roddy
Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets
Rowling, J. K
Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone
Rowling, J. K
Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban
Rowling, J. K
Little Manfred
Morpurgo, Michael
The maze runner
Dashner, James
A medal for Leroy
Morpurgo, Michael
Opal Plumstead
Wilson, Jacqueline, Sharratt, Nick
Petals in the ashes
Hooper, Mary
Private Peaceful
Morpurgo, Michael
Sedgwick, Marcus
Running wild
Morpurgo, Michael
Say her name
Dawson, James
Morpurgo, Michael
She is not invisible
Sedgwick, Marcus
Stay where you are & then leave
Boyne, John
The ultimate truth
Brooks, Kevin
The Under Dog
Zusak, Markus
Vicky Angel
Wilson, Jacqueline, Sharratt, Nick
Winter's bullet
Osborne, William
World War II
Townsend, John, Lilly, Matt

January 2015

Chapman Library

Alien cage
Zucker, Jonny, Akinsiku, Ajibayo
Alien Exchange
Joyce, Melanie
Car wash
Carter, Sam
Cassidy, Anne
Day of the Dog
Carter, Sam
The dead house
Cassidy, Anne
The Deciders
Zucker, Jonny, Chiu, Andrew
Diary of a wimpy kid : the long haul
Kinney, Jeff
Dockside: December Magic
Townsend, John
Dockside: Disco Hall
Townsend, John
Dockside: Nosedive
Graves, Sue
Dockside: Painted Faces
Graves, Sue
Dockside: Stripy Terror
Graves, Sue
Farm boy
Foreman, Michael, Morpurgo, Michael
Forget me not
Cassidy, Anne
Future tense
Zucker, Jonny, Carter, Lee
Guinness world records 2015.
Glenday, Craig
Blackman, Malorie, Brazell, Derek
Hot or Not
Carter, Sam
Klaus Vogel and the Bad Lads
Almond, David, Stankovic, Vladimir
Love Ya Babe
Higgins, Chris
May require batteries
Meres, Jonathan
Milo and one dead angry druid
Arrigan, Mary
Mayhew, Jon
Of Mice and Men
Steinbeck, John
Problems with a python
Strong, Jeremy
Cassidy, Anne
Ruby Rogers : yeah, whatever--
Limb, Sue, Lum, Bernice
The savage
Almond, David, McKean, Dave
Myers, Steve, Saunders, Pete
Spirit Tribe
Joyce, Melanie
Switch face
Zucker, Jonny
Terror beast
Zucker, Jonny, Chater, Mack
Thin ice
Curtis, Anne, Corner, Chris
Unarmed and dangerous
Orme, David, Orme, Helen, Chernett, Dan
White water wipe out
Hurn, Roger
Barlow, Steve, Skidmore, Steve, Chiu, Andrew
Zal and Zara and the great race of Azamed
Downes, Kit

Carliol Library

The adventures of Tom Sawyer
Twain, Mark
Brideshead revisited : the sacred and profane memories of captain Charles Ryder : 2000.
Waugh, Evelyn
The Churchills : a family at the heart of history - from the Duke of Marlborough to Winston Churchill
Lovell, Mary S
The Day of the Triffids
Wyndham, John
The Geneva trap
Rimington, Stella
The girl who saved the king of Sweden
Jonasson, Jonas
Fleming, Ian
The heart of the matter
Greene, Graham
A house for Mr. Biswas
Naipaul, V. S, Buruma, Ian
The hundred-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared
Jonasson, Jonas
The racketeer
Grisham, John
A room with a view
Forster, E. M
To the ends of the Earth : a sea trilogy comprising: Rites of Passage: Close Quarters and Fire Down Below
Golding, William

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