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To provide a welcoming, inclusive environment that actively supports teaching and learning, recognises and values each individual as a lifelong learner, supports the development of independent learning skills and fosters a love and enjoyment of reading in all its forms.


We have two libraries at Trinity School:

The Chapman Library (Lower School Library) can be reached from the corridor off Jubilee Hall.

The Carliol Library (Sixth Form Library) can be found on first floor of the Carliol Building by accessing the stairs immediately opposite the main entrance.

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There are three members of staff:

Mrs S Barry BSc PGCE - Senior Librarian
Mrs J Spencer BA - Librarian
Miss C Allen - Librarian

Student Librarians

We have a number of students who volunteer each term to help at break and lunchtimes. Look at the notice board in the library to see the current Student Librarians.  For further information click here.

Library facilities

Chapman Library has 10 desktop computers (available to all) and 2 banks of laptops (these are available by negotiation with the librarians)
Carliol Library has 35 laptops available to students.  Some are 'docked' for use in the library whilst the remainder can be borrowed for short periods to use in the library or elsewhere in the Carliol building.

The Library has plenty of desk space for study and is available for  research and independent reading before school and at break and  lunchtime. It can be booked by Staff for whole class use.  For further information please contact a librarian.

Carliol Library brochure

Chapman Library brochure
Borrowing books
All students may borrow up to three items for two weeks at a time and these can be renewed. Students in the sixth form can borrow up to ten items.  Staff can borrow up to ten items.
Books can be renewed and reserved by speaking to a librarian. Overdue notices must be responded to immediately and in person. There are no fines but we expect that students and their families will support our aim to provide a broad range of up to date good quality resources for all by taking care of them and returning them promptly.

Are there any rules?
We want everyone to have a pleasant and calm working space in which to study so we ask that :
  • you don’t eat or drink;
  • you turn off your mobile phone;
  • you use the internet within the agreed school guidelines;
  • you have respect for fellow students, the staff and resources of the Library;
  • you make it your responsibility to look after the library and its resources.

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