Information for parents

Some ideas for helping your child to love reading:

  • Let your child choose what to read, rather than choosing what you think they should read. 
  • Try to have a 'light touch' - don't be judgemental about what  they choose!
  • Encourage your child to read magazines, comics, newspapers and the internet as well as books.
  • Talk to your child about books or magazines you haven’t enjoyed, as well as things you love.
  • Make time to read together if you can.  You could try reading the same books so you can discuss and enjoy together.
  • Buy books as presents. Don’t forget TV tie-ins and books about interests such as computer games or bands.
  • Remember that your child is reading when they are looking at bus timetables, menus, instructions, TV guides, Teletext and the internet.
  • Let them see you enjoying reading.
  • Encourage them to borrow library books.
  • You could try an ereader or a kindle to read ebooks.

More information
Reading lists  - we have prepared some lists of books especially for our students.  You may find these useful when talking about books with your child/

 A guide to supporting reading for parents of secondary age children - this useful guide gives lots of tips on how to encourage children to read for pleasure.

Accelerated reading - if you child is in Y7 or 8, they will be taking part in the Accelerated Reading (AR) programme.  
You can also go to the ARBookfinder website to search for books that are included in the AR scheme and to search for books by topics/ reading age.

Lovereading4schools - book lists to help students find a new variety of books.  Books can also be purchased from this site.

Scholastic book club - buy books from this site at discounted prices and have them delivered for free to school.  Books are selected for the teen age group and give some great ideas for what to read next.

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