6th Form Study Skills

We've compiled some useful links and information to help you to become a successful independent learner and develop your information literacy skills during your time in the 6th Form.
If it's your plan to go on to Higher Education then these skills we be a good foundation for your further study too.
  1. Using the library Find out how to use the school library
  2. Finding resources  Top tips for searching and finding resources
  3. Evaluating resources  Choose your resources and evaluate sources
  4. Note taking Advice on developing good note taking skills
  5. Plagiarism  What is plagiarism and avoiding copyright breaches
  6. Referencing All about referencing and citation
Suggested further reading available from the library:
  • Study Skills guide - published by Philip Allen
  • The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell
  • The Good Study Guide by Andrew Northedge
  • Know your brain by Nicola Morgan 

  • Sources used:
    Newcastle University Library http://sixthformstudyskills.ncl.ac.uk/  (accessed 9.9.16)

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