Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Library kindles are a big hit!

This week five Year 7 students got to borrow the library kindles to read the new David Walliams book.

Here's what some of them said when I asked them what they thought about reading with an e-reader:

"It's quite a lot easier and  you can get more comfortable when you are reading as you don't need to move to turn the pages.  I enjoy reading e-books as much as ordinary books!"  Emma Harding

"I like reading both on a kindle and a proper book but if given the choice I'd read everything on a kindle!  It's easier to read when you're going to sleep.  Oh by the way, Grandpa's Great Escape is very good and I'd give it 4 starts out of 5."  Owen Batey

"I find it easier to find my place and I prefer it to a traditional book" Liam Graham

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Welcome back to school!

There's nothing mysterious about Trinity Librarians - we just know what's good to read!  Looking forward to seeing you all again this term and welcoming our new Year 7s!